Below our the workshops we offer specifically designed for business improvement skills.

Customer Service Excellence

This workshop will explore who your customers are and what service they want. You will identify skills needed for good customer service and explore specific issues you may have faced.  It is a fun and upbeat workshop with lots of tips and techniques to help your confidence in the workplace, and improve your attitude and service to your customers.

 Making Meetings More Effective

This workshop will save you time and money by looking at techniques to make meetings shorter and more productive.

 Recruitment and Interview Techniques

This workshop will cover the structure of interviews, questioning techniques and methods to help you get the best out of your candidates.  It will help you to decide on the best candidate for the job.

 Train the Trainer

This full day workshop is to equip you with the skills to carry out occasional training events, e.g. Induction.  It will cover learning styles, how to prepare, having clear objectives, presentation styles, and evaluating learning.  It is a practical workshop and you will grow in confidence as the day progresses.


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