“Taking the decision to adopt assertive behaviour will mark the beginning of a new way of life” (D Mitchell, Assertiveness in a week, 2006)

Diane Allen Ltd offer a wide range of workshops for personal development. Here are the workshops we offer:


In our working lives we often have to deal with people who do not always behave as we expect them to.  This workshop will explore how to deal with challenging negative behaviours and reinforcing the positive.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviours

This workshop is designed to help you manage those ‘difficult’ situations positively.  It will help you deal with inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. You will look at “What to do if …” scenarios and share experiences and techniques using theory, discussion and practice.

Managing Change Positively

All of us are facing huge amounts of fast paced change, this workshop helps you identify what your attitude and approach to change are, and how you can ensure that the change you are facing is a positive and constructive experience, supporting Managers and Colleagues.

Presenting with Confidence

Are you dreading being asked to speak up in a meeting, or worse still to make a presentation at that meeting.  Worry no more, you will have the confidence to speak up, be listened to and taken seriously by the end of this workshop.

Time Management and Handling Stress Positively

This workshop will help you identify stressors and select methods for managing stress in yourself and others.  It will also give you realistic tools and techniques to help you with your time management.

If you’re interested in any of these course, just complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.