Diane Allen Ltd offer a selection of workshops designed for teams and managers. Below are the workshops we offer:


Excellent Team Performance

One of the most popular workshops.  It will empower your team to work better together, by looking at roles in the team, how the team communicates and how to best achieve their tasks to improve the business.

Managers and Supervisors

Challenging Inappropriate Behaviour, Harassment and Bullying

When does behaviour become bullying?  How do you deal with it?  This workshop will help you to identify and manage inappropriate behaviour in the workplace in a practical and positive way and help you to deal with harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Improving Poor Performance, Capability and Disciplinary

You will gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to raise the performance of underperforming staff and understand the process of capability and formal disciplinary hearings. You will practice feedback and coaching techniques, know when to draw the line and move poor performance into capability, and when to follow disciplinary procedures.

Effective Performance Review and Improving Poor Performance

Time for you to practice the skills needed to hold a positive performance review.  What do you do when that staff member does not perform as you had expected?  A workshop full of ideas and practical ways forward to get the best from your staff.

HR Skills or Management Skills

Let’s take a closer look at disciplinary, capability, bullying, harassment and what steps you as Manager should do about it.

Leading High Performing Teams

Do you know the difference between management and leadership?  This workshop will look at the skills needed to be an inspirational leader. Covering topics such as delegation, motivation, and inspiring teamwork.

Management and Supervisory Skills

This workshop is for all new Managers and Supervisors, to give you the confidence to start using the tools needed to quickly gain respect and good performance from your staff.

If you are interested in finding out more about these workshops, just fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch.