Good for you!

 Well done!  Thanks for clicking onto this page to hear more about managing your weight.

  • This is all about you
  • You having the choice
  • You‘re in control
  • You decide what step to take next
  • You‘ve decided that you want to lose weight.

It is based on being realistic and matching your lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve heard it all before. The promise that this time you’ll lose weight; that this method cannot fail; that if you eat only protein and run 10 miles a day you’ll be slimmer and happier than you could ever have imagined.

I make no such promises to you.

I used to be 12½ stone and a size 18. What changed? I did! That was 20 years ago and I have stayed close to my current weight ever since.

You don’t have to give up fish and chips, clotted cream or takeaway curry – but you also don’t have to put on lots of weight. How? You make a conscious decision – do I really want these calories? Are they worth it in flavour and pleasure? What will I cut out tomorrow so that I can eat this today without feeling guilty?

It is about managing your weight, not dieting. Promise me you will never diet again! It’s about habits and habit-breaking. There isn’t a quick fix or an easy solution – the first few weeks are hard, as you unlearn the habits of many years, and learn to make new and healthier ones.

Three rules to success

1) The word DIET is banned

There is one key word I’ve deliberately not used – DIET. This is the only section in the programme where you’ll see it!

When you tell yourself that you’re starting another ‘diet’, often your first thought is about what you’re not allowed to eat. No more dieting: working together, we’re going to find a realistic way for you to manage your weight.

2) I am always GOOD

Saying “I was bad today” often means “I ate a lot today”.

Instead, say that you are always good: some days you may have eaten more calories, but you chose to – it doesn’t make you a bad person!

3) I can EAT anything I like

Accept that there are consequences to what you eat – don’t feel guilty about it, just ensure that every calorie consumed was well worth it.

Sound good?

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